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Welcome to DJ's original songs page. I began writing songs in 2018, and here are some of my favorites, recorded for DJ’s Music Studio.

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December 5, 2021

Comet the Disgruntled Fifth Reindeer

Think the North Pole is all candy canes and jolliness, with everyone whistling while they work? Think again! One of Santa’s reindeer is definitely not feeling the joy of the season. I wrote all about his plight in the song, “Comet the Disgruntled Fifth Reindeer.”

November 6, 2021

Valour Lullaby

For Remembrance Day 2021, I wrote the song, “Valour Lullaby” to recognize the profound work of the organization, Quilts of Valour, and also to celebrate my father-in-law, who lived a century-long life as an extraordinary husband, father, soldier, entrepreneur, and friend to all.

September 26, 2021

Evidence Blues Hooray! After four months of recovery and rehabilitation, I’m cautiously getting around on my ankle, and am over the moon to record a song “in person” from DJs Music Studio. While I was off my feet, I experimented with a number of song writing styles, including 12-bar blues. The result is a humorous song titled “Evidence Blues.”
Our Little Secret

“Our Little Secret” is a metaphorical song about my ankle trauma. The idea came to me in hospital, while thinking about all the things I was holding on to for dear life - the paramedics, bed rails, grab bars and most of all, my dear Bear who has supported me through this ordeal. And yes, the song also includes the villain wind I was racing against when I slipped and crashed.

Our Little Secret

No Place I'd Rather Be At

My two-month broken leg “recliner confinement” has been a prolific time for writing songs! “No Place I’d Rather Be At” is my entry in the Music Mile Songwriting Contest, and talks about how the past and present flourish along 9th Avenue SE in Calgary, from Inglewood to Studio Bell (the old King Eddy).

No Place I'd Rather Be At

The Hurtin' Song Song

Stampede has begun and I have almost three weeks left of my broken leg “recliner confinement.” I was doing some research into Hank Williams Sr., who wrote some of my favorite country songs. He’s quoted as saying, “Everybody loves a hurtin’ song.” With this inspiration and my great admiration for Hank, I wrote “The Hurtin' Song Song.”

The Hurtin' Song Song

Moxie Magic Danger

What’s the secret for making magic happen in life? It lies in stepping into the unknown and, by force of character, seizing opportunity. The secret can be summed up in the three words that are the title of my song, “Moxie Magic Danger.”

Moxie Magic Danger

Stream Becomes a Trickle

This song, “Stream Becomes a Trickle,” tells the story of a David and Goliath battle over water rights in a rural community. I wrote it as part protest song and part anthem, with the firm belief that community will prevail. This is an audio only song as DJ has another six weeks of no weightbearing on her broken ankle and six more weeks of house husbanding for Bear.

Stream Becomes a Trickle.

Alpaca Smile

The Alpaca is a domesticated species of South American camelid (a humpless camel related to the llama, guanaco and vicuna). It is an unusual looking animal, with a long neck and spindly legs. Alpacas provide luxurious fleeces that, when spun, can be made into soft, warm scarves, shawls and blankets. They have beautiful faces, which I celebrate in my song, "Alpaca Smile."

What Would Debbie Travis Say

Debbie Travis had done it all; home decorating guru, television personality, author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and more. But her lifelong dream was to create a fabulous Tuscan getaway. In an interview on The Marilyn Denis Show, March 3, Debbie tells how she made this dream a reality. And her words inspired me to write this song, "What Would Debbie Travis Say?"

On April 30, 2021, The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV played a clip of me singing my song, "What Would Debbie Travis Say?" for Debbie herself! Here is the link, with Marilyn's intro to my song at around the 7:30 minute mark (after the commercial). Link to the Show

Silver & Gold

Several weeks ago, I woke up thinking the line: silver and gold at the end of the day. It stuck with me and took me back many decades to a young age when I loved to run and compete in track and field sports. A particular competition came to mind and, from that, I wrote the song, "Silver and Gold at the End of the Day."

Millarville Dream

In 2019, the image of tumbling hay bales popped into my mind along with a happy melody line. For the next couple of years, at harvest time, I'd look at the fields of hay bales and smile at my private joke. Last month, after dreams about the landscape and friends in the Millarville area, the quirky line developed into my song, "Millarville Dream."

Forest John Memory Waltz

Feel free to push aside the furniture and settle into a long, slow, old-time waltz with your sweetheart, a cohort buddy, or just by yourself. "Forest John Memory Waltz" is a perfect Valentine's song; written by me, just for you!

RPAC@Home Concert Series

For years, Okotoks presented a rich lineup of music, theatre and comedy at the Rotary Performing Arts Centre (RPAC). With Covid, this became the "RPAC@home concert series," live streamed on YouTube. I was part of the recent Emerging Artists Showcase, along with Ethan Collister, on February 3, 2021. Please note, the video starts 11 minutes into the show, due to RPAC technical difficulties.

Bold and Strong This song expresses the spirit that has sustained me during these Covid times. Even though we're distanced, I believe our networks of friends and family provide support, encouragement and inspiration - and together we will build a "Bold and Strong Community." I was inspired to write the song as an entry in the Rise UP Calgary song writing competition.
Wine Down

A couple of years after I'd retired, I was strolling down a dock in Sidney by the Sea, admiring the boats and chuckling at some of the names. One boat in particular caught my eye. It brought back all those years of working and inspired me to write "Wine Down!"

The Sweater Song

This song is about many things - family, creativity, making gifts and the hubbub of the holidays. But mostly, I wrote "The Sweater Song" about my Mom and a special gift she made for me over thirty years ago.

Twenty Above and Below

I started writing "Twenty Above and Below" after the first snowfall of 2019 and finished it last month in the summer heat at an RV campground in Drumheller. Most people shudder at the thought of coming winter, but I say, "What's not to love about 20 below?!"

Sartoria Sistas Kinda Waltz I wrote "Sartorial Sistas Kinda Waltz" in 2018 to celebrate the milestone birthday of a special friend, who is an avid gardener. I took this photo last month, showing some of her amazing flowers. The song also honours the contributions of a special group of friends who work to promote health and wellness in the Foothills community.
In my view, living in the Foothills truly does have a special kind of vibe, and that is the central theme of this song, which I wrote in 2019. This feeling is expressed through the story of an uncoordinated dancer who yearns for a waltz with simple footwork - a "Four-Four Foothills Waltz."
If You'll Give Me Your Hand Now to Hold I wrote this song, "If You'll Give Me Your Hand Now to Hold" in 2018. It's a love song that isn't a love song, but then becomes a love song in the end. Believe me, when you listen to the song, it will all make sense ;)
Too Damn Busy I wrote "Too Damn Busy" in 2018 to express appreciation for men-of-a-certain-age who find themselves busier in retirement than they were when they worked full-time. The song celebrates the charm, humor and generous spirit of these great guys who keep on living life to the fullest.
Wine Down The Foothills Acoustic Music Institute organizes three camps a year where musicians, from beginners to professionals, can come together to learn, jam, perform and share their love of music. This is an iPhone recording of my first solo experience at a 2019 FAMI camp, performing my song, "Wine Down."
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